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  1. Disseminates information to members regarding recent developments as well as state-of-the-art practices in water re-use.
  2. Conducts workshops in support of committee activities.
  3. Keeps membership informed of committee activities.
  4. Prepares an annual budget and goals of the committee.
  5. Participates on the Annual Conference Committee in developing technical program topics, soliciting papers, and preparing the program.
  6. Works with the Public Education committee to develop and disseminate public information materials on water reuse.
  1. Files annual paper work and submits annual fee to the State of Nevada for purposes of maintaining legal incorporation in the State of Nevada.
  1. Solicits proposals from UNR and UNLV for student research in water environment topics of interest.
  2. Reviews proposals.
  3. Makes recommendations to the Board for funding of such proposals.
  4. Provides some oversight and obtains a report of the research at the conclusion of the research project.
  5. Reports the results to the Board.
  6. Makes arrangements for the students to make a presentation of results at the Annual Conference.

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