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  1. Conducts meetings in the absence of the Chairperson.
  2. Assumes responsibility of the Chairperson if that position becomes vacant.
  3. Functions as a member of the Board of Certification.
  1. Call for and conduct an annual meeting of the Board of Certification for purposes of electing a chairperson and vice chairperson.
  2. Call for and conduct additional meetings as necessary to carry out the responsibilities of the Board of Certification.
  3. Prepare an annual budget for incorporation in the Associations Budget.
  4. Prepare an annual report to the Treasurer of the Association which certifies the disbursement of funds.
  5. Provide oversight to the Administrative Assistant.
  6. Function as a member of Board of Certification.
  1. Advances the certification program, including incorporation from time to time of changes in the certification program.
  2. Appoints an Administrative Assistant to the Board of Certification.
  3. Administer written examinations to be used in determining the knowledge, ability and judgement of operators.
  4. Examines test results and the qualifications of applicants.
  5. Determines the schedule of fees to make the program self sustaining, with the approval of the Associations Board of Directors.
  6. Receives fees and remits those fees to the Treasurer of the Association.
  7. Administers training programs to help operators prepare for certification testing.

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