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  1. Arranges functions that enhance student knowledge, at all levels, of the water environment.
  2. Encourages faculty and students to become active members of the Association.
  3. Encourages and stimulates participation of students and faculty in Association activities.
  4. Arranges for student technical presentations at the Association's Annual Meeting.
  5. Provides liaison with student chapters.
  6. Develops an incentive program for students to get involved in the Association. Such programs might include student paper and scholarship awards.
  7. Works with the Professional Development Committee to provide speakers at various student meetings on technical topics or on careers in the water environment.
  8. Encourages current student members to seek employment in water environment related fields upon leaving the university community, and to assume active membership in the Association or other member associations of the WEF.
  9. Provides appropriate information on student activities to the Quarterly Newsletter.

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