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  1. Prepares an annual budget and goals for the committee.
  2. Solicits technical papers, meeting schedules, editorials, state organization information, and any other articles of interest for inclusion in the Associations Quarterly Newsletter, The Silver State Water Environment News, which shall be published in January, April, July, and October.
  3. Establishes advertising rates and sells advertising space in the newsletter.
  4. Oversees the development and maintenance of the Associations Internet Website. This includes oversight of a contracted Web Master to keep information current and easily accessible.
  5. Informs members of the Board of Directors, committee chairs and others of newsletter deadlines. Assembles and edits the newsletter.
  6. Coordinates the timely printing and mailing of the newsletter.
  7. Works with Membership Committee to prepare an annual membership directory. The directory is prepared in time to be distributed at the Annual Conference.
  8. Works with the Annual Conference Committee to prepare the program for the Annual Conference. This may include solicitation of sponsors for the program.

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