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  1. Sponsors educational programs to enhance the knowledge of the general public, students and organizations on the water environment.
  2. Maintains a supply of educational materials (provided by WEF or otherwise) and web sites that can be used by WEF members or secondary school educators to increase awareness on water environment topics, and to provide information on careers in the field.
  3. Maintains and publicizes a list of speakers that can be used as a resource for schools and other organizations interested in information on the water environment.
  4. Solicits NWEA member volunteers to judge high school science fair projects. The committee will acquire and present awards.
  5. Evaluates applications for and awards the Stockholm Junior Water Prize for NWEA.
  6. Works with community Engineering Week committees to prepare displays, school presentations, and other elements of public awareness regarding water environment issues.
  7. Develops a display that can be used in various types of meetings and conferences to increase public awareness and enhance the image of NWEA.
  8. Prepares statements and provides technical information for the news media on various water environment topics. Any statements reflecting the views of the NWEA or WEF should have review and approval of the Board prior to publication.
  9. Prepare an annual budget and goals of the committee

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