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  1. Supervises the affairs of the Association.
  2. Presides at all meetings, including the Annual Conference, during the year following the annual meeting at which he or she is elected.
  3. Leads the development of annual goals and strategic planning for the Association.
  4. Provides input to policy decisions of the Association.
  5. Serves as Chairperson and voting member of the Board. In the event a of tie vote between the other members of the Board, serves as the tie breaker.
  6. Confirms/appoints all committee chairs, vice-chairs and committee members where membership is not otherwise specified in the Constitution & Bylaws.
  7. Fills vacant offices for unexpired terms by appointment from the Association membership.
  8. Appoints members to the Board of Certification, with a vote of approval from the NWEA Board of Directors.
  9. Serves as ex-officio member of all committees, other than the Nominating Committee.
  10. Provides oversight to committees by reviewing annual plans and budgets, providing advise, ensuring goals and compliance with Board policies are met, and coordinating as necessary between the Board and the committee. May serve as Board liaison to several specific committees.
  11. Sets agenda for Board meetings.
  12. Serves as host to WEF officers present at Association functions.
  13. Promotes membership and involvement in the Association.
  14. Attends WEF Annual MA Exchange Meeting and WEFTEC conference.
  15. Makes sure newly appointed officers and committee chairs receive training in their duties and responsibilities.
  16. Has signature authority to enter into contracts and agreements, such as the Tri-State Conference Agreement.

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