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  1. Maintains a current list of members, and updates this list on a monthly basis. List should highlight and track new members and members whose membership is due to expire as a result of non‑payment of dues. Tracks membership in the various membership categories.
  2. At the monthly Board Meetings, provides a report to the Board on the status of membership including number of members, new members, lapsed memberships, etc.
  3. Develops a program for welcoming new members. This program should include a welcome letter, supplying information on the Association and the schedule of activities, and a telephone call from one of the Officers.
  4. Develops a program for retaining existing members. This program should include contacting members with lapsed dues, reminding them of Association benefits, and encouraging them to renew membership; increasing involvement of members; conducting a survey of how well the Association is meeting member needs; and updating current information on members.
  5. Develops a program for increasing current level of membership through setting goals for membership growth, personal contacts, membership contests and other incentives, direct mail solicitation, etc.
  6. Maintains a supply of membership applications and other information on the Association and makes them available to members. Arranges for a membership display at the Annual Conference and at other appropriate meetings.
  7. Coordinates with the Student Activities Committee to get information to University Students on WEF and NWEA and to encourage student membership.
  8. Provides information and photos on membership to the Publication Committee to be included in the Quarterly Newsletter.
  9. Assists the Publications Committee in the preparation of an Annual Membership Directory.
  10. Provides mailing lists and labels to Tri-State Conference, Publications, and Annual Conference Committees.
  11. Prepares annual budget and goals of committee.

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