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Job duties include operational oversight of water and wastewater treatment systems in the Las Vegas and Reno metropolitan areas, involving monitoring of installed equipment; adjusting devices to achieve desired results; sampling for SDWA and CWA constituents; ensuring completion of reports to regulatory agencies; representing clients with regulatory agency personnel during routine surveys and inspections; assisting with various improvements, capital upgrades, or modifications; and occasional oversight of contractors during repair or replacement of parts or equipment.

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Performs data base development, implementation, maintenance support and related staff training of a routine to complex nature in support of District administrative and business services for centralized and distributed network database applications.

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TRI GID General Manager will be responsible for establishing an office; hiring staff; developing or improving rules, regulations, procedures, and standards; organizing and overseeing billing and finance functions; overseeing capital projects, engineering and operations functions; reporting to the Storey County Commissioners in their capacities as GID Trustees, etc.

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