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What is Restricted Certification?

What is an Operator-In-Training Certificate?

If an examinee takes and passes a grade I exam but does not meet all of the experience and education requirements they will receive an operator-in-training certification.  To be eligible to receive a grade I certification the applicant must:

  • Take and pass the grade I certification exam
  • Have 1 year of full time experience
  • Submit documentation of 60 hours of related training
  • Submit a copy of their high school diploma/equivalent

Once the operator-in-training meets the requirements an upgrade form must be completed and signed by their supervisor.  In addition to the upgrade form, the required education documentation must be submitted.

Does Nevada accept reciprocity?

Reciprocity will be considered from applicants holding valid certificates from all certification programs in the United States and Canada.  The applicant must meet all current education and experience requirements.  Upon approval of the applicant’s qualifications, reciprocity will granted one grade lower than the equivalent grade currently held by the applicant, with the exception that if an applicant currently holds the equivalent of a grade one certification that reciprocity will be granted at grade one.

If an applicant has received certification directly from the Association of Boards of Certification reciprocity will be granted as follows: 

  • They must hold a valid certificate that was issued by the Association of Boards of Certification.
  • The applicant must meet all current education and experience requirements. 

Certificates issued by reciprocity will be designated as such.

Applicants who are granted reciprocity one grade lower than they currently hold may obtain certification at the equivalent grade by applying for and passing the certification exam at that grade.

How do I apply to take a computerized exam?

When applying to take a computerized exam you must complete the exam application form that you are applying to take.  The exam applications can be found on the website under applications.  The fees are listed on each application.

Once your exam applications have been reviewed and approved you will receive an exam approval letter.  The exam approval letter will provide:

  • The contact information for the testing service AMP.
  • Your identification number.
  • Instructions for applying to take the exam.
  • You will be assigned a 90 day range of dates.  You can schedule your exam any time during the 90 day period. 
  • Please note that when you contact AMP to schedule your exam you will be asked to pay and additional fee of $67 directly to them with a credit card.  This fee covers AMP’s administration costs.

Are you a veteran?

If you have served in the military in any of the MOS’ listed in the US EPA From M.O.S. to J-O-B: A Guide for Applying Military Occupational Specialties (M.O.S) to Civilian Drinking Water and Wastewater Operations you may be eligible to receive additional experience toward your certification. 

If your MOS was a US Navy Rating:  Utilitiesman (UT) or US Air Force Specialty Code: 3E4X1 – Water And Fuel Systems Maintenance you may be eligible to receive full credit for the duties that you performed.

This is currently limited to Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator, Collection System Operator and Plant Maintenance Technologist certifications.

Veteran Exam Reimbursement

The Nevada Water Environment Association has been approved through the LACAS program.  Qualifying veterans can now have their certification exam application fees reimbursed by the Department of Veterans Affairs.

If you are a veteran who has taken a certification examination any time after 8/20/13 you may be eligible to have your certification fee reimbursed by the Deparment of Veterans Affairs.  Here is the application to request reimbursement:

Application for LC Reimbursement

The completed applications need to be mailed to the Western Region address located on the second page.

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