Certification Meeting Minutes
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Nevada Board of Certification

Wastewater Treatment Plant Operators

Meeting Minutes

February 6, 2014

Meeting was called to order about 9:00 AM

Meeting was held at the Clark County Water Reclamation District in the South, and at NDEP in the North.


  • South: John Solvie, LeAnna Risso, Dave Commons, and Adrian Edwards
  • North: Jennifer McMartin, Joe Crim, Jr., Harvey Johnson, Andrew Joyner and  My-Linh Nguyen


  • none

Item #1

Introduction of guests: 

  • none

Item #2

November 7, 2013 Meeting Minutes:

  • Motion to approve by John Solvie, seconded by Joe Crim, motion passed.

Item #3

Certification Board Members:

  • Harvey Johnson wishes to complete this year as Chairman, then finish his term as a regular member.  Other officers will remain in same positions until then.  Adrian made a motion to approve Harvey remaining as chairman and the remaining Board officers to remain as is, seconded by Joe Crim, motion passed.

Item #4

Program Administrator Report:

  • Computerized Exams Update (12 pending examinees)
  • The PA attended a Tri-State conference planning meeting in Las Vegas on December 6th.  March 6-7th there will be additional meetings in Las Vegas.
  • There is no update on the status of the VA application as of the date of this meeting.
  • An updated PA inventory is included in the Board packet.
  • After doing a cost analysis it is significantly less expensive to purchase a new copy/scanner machine.
  • The Elko County employee drove to Reno to sit for his certification examination.  Lynn Forsberg asked that the Board reconsider this stance. 
    • The Board directed the PA to contact Lynn to discuss other proctoring options in Elko.
  • Harvey Johnson will proctor the March 21st Exam in Reno at the TMWRF.

Item #5

Draft Certification Board budget:

  • There was some discussion, then Joe Crim moved for approval, Andrew Joyner seconded, motion passed.

Item #6

Award Nominations:

  • After much discussion about plenty of well qualified candidates, the Board voted on the Operator of the Year and other awards.  Results will be passed on to NWEA Executive Board.

Item #7

NDEP Contract/ Regulation Changes:

  • The current contract expires on October 31, 2014.  We expect an RFP will be issued in May of this year. 

Item #8

Continuing Education Participation Update:

  • There are 197 participants in the voluntary CEU program, up from 192.  The Board asked to have the mandatory certification participants reported separately from the voluntary program.

Item #9

Education Opportunities/Training Updates:

  • The NWEA annual conference will be in Sparks, NV on April 22 - 24. 
  • The NWRA conference is March 31 – April 2 in Washington, DC

Item #10

Policies & Procedures

  • Revisions are still in progress.  Once complete the policies will be emailed for review and approval.

Item #11

ABC Update:

  • ABC and WEF will be publishing a certification study guide in April.
  • Next ABC Annual Conference will be held in Long Beach, CA January 13th – 16th 2015.
  • ABC’s ISO 17024 compliance efforts remain focused solely on its primary certification disciplines (Wastewater Operations, Water Operations, Water Distribution, and Collections)
  • ABC released its “Model Standards of Operator Certification”, a document that introduces comprehensive, uniform standards for water and wastewater operator certification programs. ABC is working with member programs who wish to audit/improve their programs using standardized review criteria.

Item #12

Water Certification Board Update:

  • Jennifer Carr and Max Sosa offered Harvey to stay on the forum until the end of his term.  Harvey accepted and will remain on the forum until his term expires.  Jennifer will participate in Board conference calls and update if possible.

Item # 13

Website update:

  • Redesign of the website is underway.

Item #14

New business:

  • Future Certification Board meetings: discussed the need of four meetings per year and the effectiveness of conference calls.  John Solvie made a motion that future meetings be held three times per year (instead of four), be in-person, with one meeting at the annual NWEA conference, the others four months apart from that.  All were in favor of the motion.

Item #15

Next Board Meeting:

  • At NWEA conference on April 21, time TBD


  • The meeting was adjourned at 11:05am.

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