Certification Meeting Minutes
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Nevada Board of Certification
Wastewater Treatment Plant Operators
Meeting Minutes
July 11, 2013

Meeting was called to order at 8:30 AM

Meeting was held via conference call at the NDEP office in Carson City and at the City of North Las Vegas WPCF.

Harvey Johnson, Joe Crim, Jr., LeAnna Risso, John Solvie, Dave Commons, Andrew Joyner, My-Linh Nguyen and Jennifer McMartin.
Adrian Edwards

Item #1
Introduction of guest:  

  • None

Item #2
April 18, 2013 Meeting Minutes:

  • LeAnna made a motion to approve the meeting minutes.  John Solvie seconded the motion.  The motion passes.  

Item #3
Program Administrator Report:

  • There are 13 pending computerized examinees.  
  • Compared to 2012:  Exams are up by 25.  Renewals are up by 14.  Late fees are down by 4.  Reciprocities are up by 6.  Return check fees are up by 3.  The Wastewater certifications are up by 15.  Industrial Waste Inspector certifications are up by 1.  Collection System Operator certifications are down by 4.  Plant Maintenance certifications are up by 3.  The remaining certifications are the same.
  • Tri-State Seminar.  Jake Jacobson has requested the Program Administrator to attend the Tri-State seminar in September as a staff member to help with the conference.  The conference registration fee will be waived.  The Program Administrator prepared a budget of $461.80 for the conference.  Harvey Johnson made a motion for the Program Administrator to attend the Tri-State conference.  Joe Crim seconded the motion.  The motion passes.
  • The VA application has been drafted.  It will be forwarded to the Board to review once it is finalized.  
  • The NWEA Treasurer has ordered a square for the Certification Program.  It will be mailed to the Program Administrator.  The applications will be updated and an announcement will be sent out once everything has been set up.
  • The drinking water program decertified an individual for falsifying continuing education documentation.  The individual can never be certified in Nevada again.

Item #4
NDEP Contract/Regulation Changes:

  • No update

Item #5
Continuing Education Participation update:

  • There are 192 participants currently, up from 174 last quarter.  

Item #6
Education Opportunities/Training Updates:

  • The Tri-State Conference will be held in Las Vegas from September 24th – September 26th.  NWEA is in the process of scheduling some additional training in the near future.  
  • LeAnna mentioned that the CCWRD intern program will be opening again.  They currently have 4 interns employed by the County.  

Item #7
Policies and Procedures:

  • John Solvie made a motion to accept the Policies and Procedures as amended.  Dave Commons seconded the motion.  The motion passes.  

Item #8
ABC Update:

  • A revised Code of Conduct has been developed by ABC’s Certification Commission for Environmental Professionals.  The Certification Board discussed the viability of adopting a Code of Conduct in the future.

Item #9
Water Certification Board Update:

  • Kelly McGowan was replaced by Max Sosa.  
  • Looking at the possibility of offering computerized exams.  
  • The next meeting will be in October of 2013.  

Item # 10
Website update:

  • The website is being updated every 2 weeks.
  • Suey and Jen are working with Zee to revamp the NWEA website.  

Item #11
New business:

  • None.  

Item #12
Next Board Meeting:

  • October 24, 2013 at NDEP in Carson City, NV.  The time will be determined at a later date.  


  • Joe Crim made a motion for adjournment, Harvey Johnson seconded the motion.
  • The meeting was adjourned at 9:40am

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