Certification Meeting Minutes
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Nevada Board of Certification
Wastewater Treatment Plant Operators
Meeting Minutes
May 17, 2011

Meeting was called to order at 2:00 PM

Item # 1
Introduction of guest

  • Angela MacKinnon

Item # 2
February 11, 2011 minutes


  • John Solvie made a motion to accept, Dave Commons seconded the motion.  The motion carries.

Item # 3
Program Administrators Report

  • Computerized Exams Update
  • Overall the pass rates are up.
  • There are 19 examinees that have applied to take computerized exams.  They have not scheduled a date as of today.

Item # 4
Assistant Program Administrator items

  • Decertification letters mailed by NDEP.  Call NDEP to discuss the decertification dates per NAC 445Z.287 section 5.
  • Renewal ID cards
  • The Board decided to switch to a different renewal card in order to save money. 
  • Operator Appeal:  The appeal is moving forward.
  • NVRWA Outreach Project:  Nevada Rural Water is implementing an outreach program in high schools throughout the state to promote water and wastewater jobs.
  • WEF HOD Invitation:  John Solvie will be attending the WEF Operator Certification & Training Summit representing ABC & NWEA. 

Item # 5
Operator Definition

  • Define duties for all types of certification.  NWEA has developed duties for Wastewater Treatment Plant Operators.  Once finalized they will be incorporated into the Policies & Procedures.

Item # 6
NDEP Contract/Regulation Changes

  • Contract Invoicing changes:  Some modifications have been made to the invoicing that is sent to NDEP. 
  • Mandatory CEU’S: Tabled
  • Mandatory Programs:  Tabled
  • Fee Increase:  Tabled

Item # 7
Continuing Education Participation Update

  • There are 93 participants in the voluntary continuing education program.

Item # 8
Distance Education/Online Courses

  • No Update

Item # 9
Policies & Procedures

  • Once the definition of operator duties is finalized it will be incorporated into the Policies & Procedures. 

Item # 10
ABC Update

  • There have been some cheating incidents reported by ABC member programs.  In light of this, the Certification Board will add language to the proctor cover letters reminding them that examinees are not allowed to have their cell phones with them during the exam.
  • Last month John attended ABC governance and strategic planning meetings in Iowa.  Initiatives that remain a high priority include establishing a national professional designation for operators in cooperation with WEF and AWWA, and aligning its internal processes to comply with the new ISO 17024 accreditation standards for certifying bodies.

Item # 11
Training Update

  • NWEA has UV training in Las Vegas on May 19, 2011. Tri-state is in September. NWEA is discussing the possibility of having a joint conference with Utah in the future.  

Item # 12
Water Certification Board Update

  • The Nevada Training Coalition is going to be combined with the Nevada Operators Forum. 

Item # 13
Website Update

  • The website is updated at a minimum of every two weeks.

Item # 14
New Business

  • NDEP has an RFP for the Water Certification exam administration.  Email the RFP to the Board members for their review and comment.

Item # 15
Next Board Meeting

  • Friday, August 5, 2011, NDEP, Carson City, NV


5:00 PM

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