Certification Meeting Minutes
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Nevada Board of Certification
Wastewater Treatment Plant Operators
Meeting Minutes
August 12, 2010
Meeting was called to order at 8:30 AM
Item #1
Introduction of guest
• John Buzzone, City of Reno, NWEA Treasurer
• Stephen Long, City of Reno, NWEA President
Item #2
Approval of minutes of May 17, 2010 meeting:
• Approved via email.  Posted on website.
Item #3
Program Administrator report:
• Computer exams update
o Passing rates for computerized exams remain higher than the pencil/paper exams.

Item #4
Assistant Program Administrator Items:
• CWP (Certified Water Professional)
o There is excitement about this program from AWWA and WEF. 
• Certification Board terms expiring:
o Joe Crim, Adrian Edwards and Kelvin Ikehara would like to remain on the Board.  Starlin Jones is going to be stepping down.  
• California Exam Process
o Starlin Jones gave an update regarding the California examination process.
Item #5
NDEP contract/regulation changes
• The Request for Proposal was delivered to State Purchasing 8/23/10.
• Mandatory CEUs – We need to come up with a plan that works for everyone.
• Fee increase
• Possible questionnaire to the Certified Community?  We will discuss after the contract is finalized.
Item #6
Continuing education participation update:
• As of August there are 46 participants.
 Item #7
Distance Education/Online Courses:
• It would take about 15-20 hours to set up and online course.
• Do other states have a course that is already set up?
• There is a potential to have joint classes with Utah.
Item #8
Policies & Procedures:
• If the proposal if accepted by NDEP there will be changes that need to be made to the policies.
Item #9
Training Update:
• Tri-State is upcoming. 
Item #10
Water Certification Board Update:
• Backflow certification was pushed through.  Mandatory backflow exams available through CALNEV AWWA & the American Backflow Prevention Association (ABPA).

Item #11
ABC Update:
• ABC is working with EPA in the development of best practices to assist drinking water certification programs with federally mandated external reviews.  EPA’s final guidance document should benefit wastewater certification programs as well.
• Succession planning: 
• Should the Certification Board have a plan in case the APA was to leave this position?  The Board voted that yes we should.  The APA will make a list of files that are housed at the APA office.  This list will be provided at the next Certification Board meeting.  Standard Operating Procedures have already been developed which include the list of electronic files housed on the APA laptop.
Item #12
Website Update:
• No report.
Item #13
New Business for Consideration at next meeting:
• WEF Task Force – Wastewater Operations Certification & Training position statement (Starlin)

Item #14
Next Board Meeting:
• Thursday, November 4, 2010 at 9:30am.

12:45 PM

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