Certification Meeting Minutes
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Nevada Board of Certification
Wastewater Treatment Plant Operators
Meeting Minutes
November 19, 2009
Las Vegas, NV

Meeting was called to order at 9:00 AM

Attendees:  John Solvie, Adrian Edwards, Kelvin Ikehara, Harvey Johnson, Bill Shepherd, Starlin Jones, Joe Crim, and Jennifer McMartin

Absent: None

Item #1
Introduction of guest
• None

Item #2
Approval of August 13, 2009 meeting minutes
• John Solvie made a motion to approve the minutes as presented, Kelvin Ikehara 2nd.
o Motion carries.

Item #3
Program Administrator report
• Computer exams update
o The scores for the computerized exams are higher than the pencil and paper exams.

Item #4
Assistant Program Administrator Items
• Exam pass/fail info conversation with ABC
o ABC is looking at pass/fail rates for the grade III and IV exams nationally. The Certification Board will be reviewing the Grade IV exam before the next Board meeting.
• CSN classes – Can web classes be made available to other colleges: WNCC, GBC, TMCC?
o The Certification Board will look into the possibility of offering an online Wastewater class through the college.
o The ABC Need to Know Criteria will be mailed to all examinees with the exam approval letter.

Item #5
CEU’S for certification renewals
• Notification of operators – Voluntary Continuing Education policy
o All operators with an email address will be sent an email in December. 
o The operators with certificates that expire in January will be receiving a letter regarding the new policy. 

• Approval of WEF courses
o WEF will be contacted about Nevada approving the courses that are available through WEF.

• Pre-approval of continuing education courses.  Currently there are 3 courses that have been approved on the NWEA website. 

• Encourage facilities to have in-house training pre-approved.
o In-house training will not be listed on the website, but could be open to outside agencies.  In-house training has to be approved by the Certification board.

Item #6
Continuing education participation update
• Some operators have already begun submitting continuing education documentation with their renewals.

Item #7
Pond Certification Exams
• Rural Operator pass/fail data was presented to the Board.
o The Board’s conclusion is that more study time is needed by the examinees.

• ABC has a prescriptive small wastewater exam.  This exam has not been validated; therefore, it is not a legally defensible exam.
o The prescriptive small wastewater exam is not an option at this time.
o The Chairman will contact Val King with NDEP and Bob Forester with NVRWA regarding the Board’s decision.

Item #8
In-kind Service Information
• Board member hours
o All Board members hours were reviewed.

• Chair/Program Adm./Vice Chair hours
o Hours were reviewed and accounted for.

Item #9
Policies & Procedures
o There are no updates/changes at this time.

Item #10
Training Update
• Nevada OSHA is requiring all construction type workers to have a 10/30 OSHA class. 
• Starlin will be teaching an Operator Certification class at the upcoming NWEA Conference.

Item #11
Water Certification Board Update
• Duncan Wright filled Steve Brockway’s vacated position.

Item #12
ABC Update
• Over the next 2 years the Association of Boards of Certification will be phasing out the multiple-entry exams. 

Item #13
Website Update
• The training calendar is up-to-date with water and wastewater training.

Item #14
New Business for Consideration at next meeting
• Add NDEP Contract to the agenda.

Item #15
Next Board Meeting
• February 11, 2010 at the CCWRD is Las Vegas, NV.

2:00 PM

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