Certification Meeting Minutes
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Nevada Board of Certification
Wastewater Treatment Plant Operators
Meeting Minutes
February 5, 2009

Meeting was called to order at 8:45 AM

Attendees:  John Solvie, Adrian Edwards, Kelvin Ikehara, Harvey Johnson, Bill Shepard, Starlin Jones, Joe Crim & Jennifer McMartin

Absent: None

Item #1
Introduction of guest
• David Bruketta

Item #2
Approval of the November 13, 2008 meeting minutes.
• John Solvie made a motion to approve the minutes as presented, Harvey Johnson   2nd.
   o Motion carries.

Item #3
Program Administrator report
• Computer exams update
   o Going well with a passing rate of about 83%
Item #4
Assistant Program Administrator Items
• New AMP Security Procedure Option
   o AMP is offering fingerprinting as another security option
• Frequency of pin inventory
   o Jennifer will do inventory once a year in December
• Ely proctoring fee
   o Great Basin Community College in Ely is going to start charging $15.00 per exam to proctor the exam. 

Item #5
Experience Policy
• State survey results
   o Discussed how other States deal with multiple certifications and determining    experience.  Some use a percentage of time worked to calculate the experience.  Most used a percentage of time up to 50% for the secondary certifications.  The Board will draft a policy similar to what the majority of the states are doing.  A draft policy will be emailed to the Board for review and approval.  
• Definition of duties
   o The Board decided not to define operational duties at this time.

Item #6
SWWS Exam Review
• Discuss the results of the review and how to proceed.
   o ABC’s standardized exam policy will allow us to replace 10 core questions from the grade I wastewater exam with 10 pond questions from the SWWS exam.  The Board decided to go forward with the change.  A review of the grade I core questions and the grade 1 SWWS exam will be conducted at April meeting.

Item #7
Certification Exam Exit Questionnaire Results
• Some useful information was obtained. The Board agreed to have an exit questionnaire at the 1st testing cycle of each year since historically it is the largest testing cycle.
Item #8
CEU’s for certification renewals
• Meeting with NDEP 02/19/2009 to discuss the survey results.
   o Members of the NWEA Executive and Certification Boards will meet with NDEP to discuss mandatory CEU’s.
• Should we require mandatory CEU’s for voluntary certifications?
   o This will depend on NDEP’s decision regarding mandatory CEU’s.  The Board will discuss at the April meeting.
Item #9
Policies & Procedures
   o Draft a new Multiple Certification Policy.  The policy & procedures will be reviewed to see if there are any additional modifications that need to be done.

Item #10
Training Update
   o RCAC has 2 day training upcoming.

Item #11
Water Certification Board Update
   o NVRWA conference at Lake Tahoe (March 10-12, 2009) at Harvey’s.

Item #12
ABC Update/Conference Overview
   o John Solvie received an award for all the hard work he has done on ABC’s Board. ABC’s new website will up and running in March.  The ABC Board governance changes were approved.  
   o The ABC Annual Conference was a huge success.  There were some great sessions.  There was an open microphone session regarding proctoring.  Some great information was shared on possible ways examinees try to cheat. 
   o Other states have training calendars on their websites.  This is a great resource to the certified community.  Jennifer will discuss the possibility with the webmaster.
   o Discussed some new language for signature blocks on the applications.  The Board voted to update the applications with the new language.

Item #13
Website Update
   o Jennifer is learning how to update the site, as this will speed up the process of getting the website updated.

Item #14
New Business for Consideration at next meeting.
   o Should we update the Testing Eligibility Policy to allow examinees to take the exam 90 days prior to meeting the experience requirement?  Currently the policy is 30 days.  The Board voted to change the policy to 90 days.  This will allow an applicant to take the exam 1 testing cycle early.  Once they meet the experience requirement their certification will become effective.

Item #15
Next Board Meeting
   o 04/14/2009 in Las Vegas at the South Point Hotel, Casino & Spa

2:00 PM

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