Certification Meeting Minutes
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Nevada Board of Certification
Wastewater Treatment Plant Operators
Meeting Minutes
August 7, 2008

Meeting was called to order at 9:00 AM
Attendees: John Solvie, Adrian Edwards, Kelvin Ikehara, Harvey Johnson, Bill Shepherd, Starlin Jones, Joe Crim, Jennifer McMartin
Absent: None

Item #1
Introduction of guests
• Bob Foerster and Curtis Duff from NVRWA

Item #2
Approval of minutes of May 14, 2008 meeting.
• John Solvie made a motion to approve the minutes as presented, Harvey
Johnson 2nd. Motion carries.

Item #3
Program Administrator report
• Computerized exams update.
   o The exams are up and running with a few people trying them.

Item #4
NVRWA presentation regarding pond certification.
• Bob Foerster and Curtis Duff gave a presentation regarding pond certification exams/small wastewater system exams. After a brief discussion it was decided to compare the small wastewater system exam to the Wastewater operator I exam to see if they are comparable. A future date will be set to evaluate the exams.

Item #5
Assistant Program Administrator Items
• Pin requests have been received.
• Computerized exams pass/fail percentage spreadsheets.
   o Send pins out with certificates.
• Jennifer will send the Board three quarterly pass/fail
% reports: computer exams, pencil and paper exams and overall.

Item #6
CEUs for Certification Renewals
• CEU implementation questions
• Draft survey questions 
   o Types of training
   o Limit the number of safety hours
   o Procedure for failure to submit
   o Review process
• The survey will be emailed to every certified individual with an email

Item #7
Policies & Procedures
• CEU review policy
• The Board asked the APA to conduct some research. This
conversation is tabled until next meeting.

Item #8
OIT Certificates
• Request for 2 year non-renewable OIT certificates.
• No change in policy will be made at this time. Starlin made motion,
John 2nd. Motion carries.

Item #9
Training Update
• More training needs to take place based on the WW 3 & 4 pass
percentages. The Board discussed offering training 1 month before the exam.

Item #10
Water Certification Board Update
• There are 2 new Board members.
• Review of CEUs for individuals with multiple certifications.

Item #11
ABC Update
• New TPO and IWO standardized exams developed.
• Upcoming workshops/meetings:
   o January 1, 2009 the TPO and IWO exams will be available.

Item #12
Website Update 
o None

Item #13
New business for consideration at next meeting 
o New brochures.

Item #14
Schedule next Board Meeting 
o November 13, 2008 (CCWRD) 
   Adjourned (12:00 PM)

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