Certification Meeting Minutes
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Nevada Board of Certification Wastewater Treatment Plant Operators
July 21, 2006 - Meeting Minutes - TMWRF Training Facility

Meeting was called to order at approximately 09:00 AM.

Attendees: Steve Cottrell, Alan Tinney, Diana Silsby, Jennifer McMartin, Bill Shepherd, John Solvie, Joe Crim, Starlin Jones, and Harvey Johnson.

Absent: None

Introduction of guests:
Darrin Price, Nevada Advisory Board to the State Board of Health on Certification of Operators of Public Water Systems
Gary Hutchinson, NWEA Treasurer
Ginger Poulson, NDEP

  1. Item #1: Approval of minutes of April 14, 2006 meeting: The minutes were approved as read.
  2. Item #2: Program Administrator’s report:
    • The 2006-07 budget was distributed to the Board.
    • The Program Administrator’s report was distributed to the Board. Additional information on certification numbers for the last three years was included in the report.
    • In the future, all agenda attachments will be emailed to Board members for review prior to Board meetings.
    • The Board discussed WEF practice exam questions to be placed on the website.
    • The ABC contract expires 12/31/06. Updated contact information has been sent to ABC. A draft contract is expected to arrive in September.
    • Gary Hutchinson reported that NWEA changed its IRS status to 503C. Three comparisons of the Assistant Program Administrator commensurate job descriptions and compensations along with a written contract with NWEA are needed to satisfy IRS requirements, which will be worked on prior to the next Board meeting.
    • John Solvie was nominated by the Board for re-election as Wastewater Treatment Division Director for ABC.
  3. Item #3: Assistant Program Administrator (APA) items:
    • The certification program information was updated on the ABC website.
    • The Board was distributed a comparison of credit card costs for certification payments. Paypal is the most cost effective. Seven transactions are needed per month to break even on cost if a $5 per transaction surcharge were assessed. The Board discussed rolling the processing costs into a new fee structure.
    • John Solvie and Harvey Johnson’s Board appointments expire on 12/31/06. Letters stating their desire to stay on the Board are to be sent to Paul Orphan.
  4. Item #4: Proposed 2007 Fee increases:
    • APA compensation
      • The APA compensation documentation was distributed to the Board.
      • The Board discussed the service provided by the APA .
      • The Board discussed other services of similar APAs for comparison.
      • The Board discussed compensation alternatives.
      • An updated APA assessment will be given to the Board at the next meeting.
    • Proposed Fees
      • Proposed certification fee documentation was distributed to the Board.
      • The Board needs comparisons with qualifiers of programs to include as part of the fee increase justification.
      • The Board asked for a five year budget on proposed fees.
      • An updated certification fee assessment will be given to the Board at the next meeting, which will include fee comparisons with other programs and a projected 5 year budget.
  5. Item #5: CEU Requirements:
    • The NDEP legal department is still working on a determination of whether adding CEU’s requires a regulation change.
    • Darrin Price gave a synopsis of the water certification CEU process and the requirements.
    • The Board discussed CEU documentation.
    • The Board was polled as to whether a CEU program was needed. The Board unanimously agreed that adding a continuing education requirement is needed.
    • The Board discussed different avenues of CEU acquisition.
  6. Item #6: Draft Disciplinary Process:
    • The proposed Operator Disciplinary Procedure was distributed to the Board.
    • The NDEP asked that the word “will” be changed to “may” in the third line of the third paragraph.
    • The Board discussed the draft procedure. NDEP will discuss the procedure with staff and provide comment. It was asked that this be added to the October agenda. It will be voted on at that time.
  7. Item #7: Provisional Operator’s Certification Status:
    • The NDEP will write the Provisional Operators to gather information to substantiate their operator status.
    • Provisional Operators with a job title change will get one year to obtain certification.
    • Provisional Operators with employment and job title change will get 6 months to obtain certification.
    • NDEP will track any operators with suspended certifications using the certification database that is sent to them every two weeks. The NDEP is going to be notifying the permittee of suspended certifications.
  8. Item #8: ABC Examination Proctoring Policy:
    • The new proctoring policy for the ABC was distributed to the Board.
    • The Board was updated on the new policy.
    • The proctoring recommendations will be included in the new ABC contract.
  9. Item #9: ABC Plant Maintenance Certification:
    • The ABC Board approved the formation of Plant Maintenance Certification program.
    • The Board was updated on the program.
    • The operational timeframe is 18 months for development of the standardized certification exams, at which time the Board can begin offering Plant Maintenance Certification.
    • John Solvie is chairing ABC’s task force to develop the new program. Two subject matter experts will also be representing Nevada on the task force. Mark Binney from CCWRD will represent wastewater plant maintenance. Darrin Price and Harvey Johnson will select someone from northern Nevada to represent drinking water plant maintenance.
    • The Board thanked John Solvie for his participation in the ABC.
  10. Item #10: ABC Board of Directors Updates:
    • Joe Crim is going to Providence, R.I. to assist in test question review.
    • Arizona DEQ became a member of the ABC.
    • There will be no test fee increase this year.
    • Jennifer will give a presentation at the next ABC conference on mandatory programs being administered by a third party.
  11. Item #11: Water Certification Board: Darrin Price gave a synopsis of the water certification process, challenges, training, and regulation changes.
  12. Item #12: Newsletter update:
    • Starlin distributed the newsletter to the Board.
    • The Board discussed ways of distribution to the operators.
    • The Board discussed posting the newsletter on the website.
    • The newsletter will be emailed to the operators with email addresses.
    • The Board commended Starlin on the newsletter.
  13. Item #13: New Business for consideration at next meeting:
    • Expedition of the payments to the APA.
    • Commendation of Gary Hutchinson for his work
  14. Item #14: Schedule next Board Meeting: The next meeting will be on October 13, 2006 at CCWRD

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