Certification Meeting Minutes
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Nevada Board of Certification
Wastewater Treatment Plant Operators
Meeting Minutes

January 14, 2004
CCWRD, OCC Conference Room

Meeting was called to order at approximately 09:30 AM.

Attendees: Leo Drozdoff, Steve Cottrell, Starlin Jones, Jennifer McMartin, Bill Shepherd, John Solvie, Diana Silsby, and Harvey Johnson.
Absent: Pete Rozis

Item #1
Introduction of guests:
Tim Smith, from the City of Henderson Wastewater Operations

Item #2
Introduction of new Board member:
Leo introduced John Solvie as the new Board member replacing Tim Smith.

Item #3
Approval of the meeting minutes of October 8, 2003:
The minutes were unanimously approved.

Item #7
Nominations and elections of board officers for 2004:
Chairman � Leo Drozdoff
Program Administrator � Bill Shepherd
Vice Chairman � Harvey Johnson

Item #4
Program Administrator�s report:
Jennifer distributed the report. She discussed the process of renewals, exams, and experience requirement.

Certification activity to date for 2003:
143 Examinations
265 Renewals
11 Reciprocities
17 Late Fees
1 Replacement Certificate

Jennifer indicated she receives many calls on reciprocity and exams.

The Board indicated to Jennifer that the turnaround of exams is very good.

Jennifer indicated her compensation as follows:
Renewals $15.00
Exams $20.00
Reciprocity $20.00
Late fee $ 5.00
Misc. time $150.00/month

Jennifer also indicated she invoices for her expenses monthly.

John asked about the Certification Hotline. It was indicated that using e-mail or checking the website were avenues to get information other than the Hotline.

Item #5
Financial Report:

Bill distributed the 2003-04 budget reconciliation and the proposed budget for 2004-05.
Leo asked questions pertaining to the 2003-04 reconciliation.

Starlin explained budget discrepancies. Starlin indicated he and Tim Smith will investigate the reconciliation further and bring the discrepancies to the NWEA Treasurer�s (Bruce) attention for reallocation.

Leo indicated that all checks written out of the Certification Board account need to be reviewed by the Chairman. He said the Certification Board does not need a Treasurer just more audit control. Leo asked for a memo on DEP letterhead addressed to the President of the NWEA describing the process of procedure for Certification Board expense approval. He also asked for a list of invoices and deposits for the last 2 years that indicates what was approved by the Chairman of the Certification Board.
Steve indicated revenue and expense are fairly close to zero budget. This spurred a discussion regarding raising rates in the future.

Tim suggested moving travel expense to the NWEA budget.

Leo asked for an audit of Jennifer�s time to determine if the $150.00 is adequate compensation for her time.

Starlin indicated it may be time to raise fees to cover costs. Leo indicated he wants the books in order first.

Item #6
Assistant Program Administrator Items:

CEU Questions
There have been considerable questions on why there are no CEU�s required for certification renewal. It was indicated the Water & Wastewater Education Training (WWET) is interested in the CEU program for certification. Tim indicated the process is very subjective and cumbersome. Leo asked that discussing CEU requirements be agendized for a future meeting.

Address Release
Jennifer indicated that we track whether or not a renewal applicant allows the release of her/his personal information. Discussion led to changing the release statement to read �You may release my personal information. Yes/No�

Item #8
Status of Industrial Waste Operator:
John indicated the physical/chemical certification exams are ready to begin examination. The biological certification exams are not. He distributed a certification application, a brochure with revisions, and a letter to POTWs and Pretreatment Programs. He indicated that type of discharger was added to the application.
Starlin asked for the addition of the words �Industrial Waste� be added prior to operator in �Length of Service as an operator�.
John asked if a statement should be added that an Industrial Waste certification is not a replacement for a Wastewater Operator certification.
The Board unanimously adopted the application with changes.
John explained the difference between Industrial Waste Inspector and Industrial Waste Operator.
Tim Smith will include a copy of the Industrial Waste Operator certification implementation in the NWEA newsletter.

Item #9
Collection Systems Operator:
Tim Smith provided the Collection System Operator certification application.
Jennifer asked for numbers instead of Roman numerals for grade level to conform with voluntary certification.
The Board unanimously adopted the application with changes.
The Board thanked Tim for his work on this project.

Item #10
NWEA Website Update:
Steve will input the new information on the website.

Steve thanked Jennifer for the interactive application for use on the website.

Item #11
Items for discussion by Board members:
Kudos were given to members for work done on projects with little or no supervision.

Item #12
New business for consideration at next meeting:
CEU discussion on feedback Jennifer receives from the ABC conference.
Recap of the budget.

Item #13
Schedule for next Certification Board meeting:
Next meeting is April 14, 2004 at the NDEP in Carson City.

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