Certification Meeting Minutes
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Nevada Board of Certification
Wastewater Treatment Plant Operators
Meeting Minutes
April 2, 2003
Truckee Meadows Water Reclamation Facility

Meeting was called to order at approximately 09:15 am.

Attendees: Steve Cottrell, Leo Drozdoff, Harvey Johnson, Starlin Jones, Pete Rozis, Bill Shepherd, Diana Silsby, Tim Smith.

Item #1
Introduction of guests:
There was no guest present at this meeting.

Item #2
Chairman�s report:
Leo reported that Dianne West has asked that the Board find a replacement Assistant Program Administrator, Dianne doesn�t feel that she has the time to take care of these duties any longer. Dianne has worked long and hard for the certification board and Leo want�s everyone to extend her a thank you to show our appreciation.

Item #3
Approval of the meeting minutes of January 8, 2003:
The meeting minutes were approved as written.

Item #4
Program Administrators report:
None available

Item #5
Expense Report 2003:
None available

Item #6
Discussion of Assistant Program Administrator position:
Leo let the Board know that Jennifer McMartin was interested in the Assistant Program Administrator position. Steve informed the Board that Heather Powell was interested in the position as well. After much discussion, it was motioned and approved that the position be offered to Jennifer McMartin. Steve Cottrell abstained from voting. The reason Jennifer was decided upon was due to the past experience that she has working with the Certification Board when she was an NDEP employee.

Item #7
TMWRF, Operator leave and FTE eligibility:
Starlin requested that the Board give him their interpretation of what a Full Time Equivalent means. After a discussion it was interpreted that, an employee must have 12 months of hands on experience to make an FTE. The experience need not be 12 consecutive months.

Item #8
Status of renewal form:
Dianne finished this form and Steve has posted it on the website.

Item #9
Status of e-mail address gathering:
We have not received any new post cards since the January meeting. This project is as complete as it is going to be at this time.

Item #10
Status of the Industrial Waste Inspector exam revision:
John Solvie from the City of Las Vegas is continuing to work with ABC and review the test�s he will be attending another ABC V&E committee meeting in May of 2003 to revise questions on the Industrial waste exams. The Board whishes to extend a thank you to John for all of his efforts on this committee.

Item #11
Status of Operator pins:
Bill will order 300 each, Operator I, II, III & IV pins. This should be a proximately a five year supply. Starlin and Tim will ask the NWEA Board to pay for these pins which will be approximately $2500.00.

Item #12
Website status:
Steve now has the ability to make changes without the assistance of the web master due to the new modules, these modules are the Meeting minute�s, Newsletter, Calendar, Operator database, and What�s new. The NWEA Board approved payment for these modules at their January 2003 meeting.

Item #13
Status of the exam reviews:
Starlin, Harvey, & Pete reviewed the Grade I prescriptive and standard ABC test passed them to Bill & Tim to review. After the review they will all make a joint recommendation to the Board at the meeting in July.

Item #14
Items, for discussion by Board members:
A question was brought up about an Industrial waste Inspector application for testing. After much discussion the Board decided that Bill Shepherd would contact the individual and discuss the amount of hands on experience that they currently have.

Starlin, asked if the dates of the upcoming test�s could be changed, after much discussion it was tabled until the meeting in July, when Starlin will present the new date�s to the Board for approval.

Starlin will be working on the newsletter and has asked that any and all articles be forwarded to him.

Next meeting will be:
July 9,2003 9:00 a.m. at the NDEP office in Carson City.

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