Certification Meeting Minutes
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Nevada Board of Certification
Wastewater Treatment Plant Operators

January 09, 2002

Location: Clark County Sanitation District


Meeting Called to order at 0945

Attendees: Steve Cottrell, Leo Drozdoff, Starlin Jones, Jennifer McMartin Don Richey, Pete Rozis, Bill Shepherd, Tim Smith, Dianne West.

Item #1
Introduction of guests: 0 guests

Item #2
Election of Chairman, Vice Chairman and Program Administrator:

Steve Cottrell gave one year notice. The chairs will be restructured to allow the Program Administrator to become the Chairman. This would move Leo Drozdoff into the Chairman position and Bill Shepherd will become the Program Administrator.

Item #3
Approval of October 03,2001 minutes:

Minutes were approved.

Item #4
Program Administrators Report:

Dianne receives a fair amount of phone calls on the hotline and responds within a day. Dianne will start keeping a phone log of the calls that she receives. Dianne will be sending out an updated certification list. The child support act was researched by Dianne and she found no laws supporting this act regarding renewals and certification application.

Item #5
Discussion regarding pocket I.D. cards for operators:

The board is considering Pocket ID cards that would cost 43 cents a piece. Dianne will make a sample card and bring it to the next board meeting.

Item #6
Financial Report:

No exact financial report. Increased estimate by a couple thousand dollars. Dianne and Leo will prepare a budget and present it at the NWEA conference meeting in March. It is anticipated that there will be no fee increases for a few years.

Item #7
Status of the Industrial Waste Exam:

The Industrial Waste Exam review is going well. ABC has agreed to pay for John Solvie�s expenses to sit on different committees. Susan Delaney asked John Solvie to be on the Industrial Waste Validation Committee. John will be getting a bank of 200 questions by the end of January to review.

Item #8
Status of revision of regulations:

Leo will be scheduling DEP workshops in the near future and will give a report on the status of the NAC 445 regulation change.

Item #9
Status of the Blue Brochure:

The blue brochure is electronically filed. Tim e-mailed each board member a draft copy. Tim is waiting on the revised NAC 445 regulations before he proceeds further. The Industrial Waste and the Laboratory Analyst blue brochure will also be revised.

Item #10
Status of the Newsletter:

Starlin sent a draft copy to Steve Cottrell. A few changes have to be made as well as some additions such as an article on treatment plant security. The newsletter should also include the DEP and environmental commission workshops.

Item #11
Website status:

The website will be up and running this month. Steve is putting together electronic files.

Item #12
Items for discussion by board members:

Starlin will try to attend the ABC Conference at the end of this month in to be held in

San Antonio, Texas.

The continuing education issue was discussed. Starlin will bring back more information if he can attend the ABC Conference. There is a CEU workshop that is to be held at the conference. Leo will also look into what the CEU status could be in the future.

Item #13
Next board meeting:

April 03, 2002 to be held in Reno at TMWRF

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