Certification Meeting Minutes
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Nevada Board of Certification
Wastewater Treatment Plant Operators

August 08, 2001

Location: Clark County Sanitation District


Meeting called to order at 9:07 am

Attendees: Steve Cottrell, Leo Drozdoff, Starlin Jones, Jennifer McMartin, Pete Rozis Bill Shepherd, Tim Smith, Dianne West.

Absent: Don Richey

Item #1
Introduction of guests:


Election of Chairman, Vice Chairman and Program Administrator:

Steve Cottrell offered to stay on as the Certification Board Chairman for another year, the board unanimously approved. Starlin Jones was nominated Vice Chairman by Steve Cottrell and accepted the nomination. The board unanimously approved. Leo Drozdoff offered his services as program administrator for another year and the board unanimously approved.

Item #3
Approval of minutes from the March 21, 2001 meeting held at Sam�s Town in Las Vegas:

After amended changes, Leo Drozdoff made a motion to approve the minutes. Bill Shepherd seconded the motion, the motion was unanimously approved.

Item #4
Program Administrator�s Report:

Dianne passed out the Program Administrator�s report. Steve Cottrell made a comment about the Grade II test passing rate. The passing rate is much higher than in the past at 86%. The on going distribution of the operator pins has been successful. Since Dave Mendenhall is no longer on the board, Bill Shepherd volunteered to take over the future purchase of more pins.

Item #5
Financial Report:

Steve Cottrell made a motion to increase the Assistant Program Administrator�s maintenance fee to $200.00 a month because of other duties and miscellaneous items that occur. After discussion among board members about the financial impact, Leo Drozdoff made a motion to raise the salary up $150.00 a month. Pete Rozis seconded the motion and board made it a unanimous decision. The NWEA Treasurer has been providing a financial statement to Steve every month. Dianne will submit her quarterly invoice so that an up-to-date financial report can be made at each Certification Board meeting.

Item #6
Industrial Waste Inspector Exam:

Don Richey is leading the Industrial Waste Exam Committee. John Solvie has been very helpful in changing some of duplicate questions and utilizing questions that are more pertinent to the field. John has been in communication with ABC and has forwarded the new questions. John is helping ABC to revise other areas that need to be changed within the exam. We will be recognizing John for a job well done in our next Certification Newsletter.

Item #7
Grade V Elimination:

Steve Cottrell made a motion to eliminate the Grade V, Tim Smith seconded the motion and the board voted unanimously. A condition will be made for those who have been issued a Grade V. They will be able to keep and maintain their Grade V license. The cut off for issuing Grade V�s will depend on the NRS administrative code changes are approved by the Environmental Commission. Bill Shepherd volunteered to head the committee that will work to eliminate the Grade V. Dianne West has sent out a last chance letter to solicit additional comments on this matter.

Item #8
Revision of the Regulations and Brochure Publication:

The blue brochure that contains information and requirements for operator certification will be updated and changed. Tim Smith volunteered to work on the changes with Leo Drozdoff and Bill Shepherd. The changes that will be made will coincide with the elimination of the Grade V and any ABC regulation changes.

Item #9
Certification Newsletter:

Starlin Jones volunteered to work on the newsletter that will be issued bi-yearly. If there are any ideas or input to the newsletter please send them to Starlin. A discussion was held about the distribution of the newsletter. An idea was brought forth on e-mailing the newsletters to operators that have email addresses. The rest will be mailed via first class postage. Post cards will be mailed out soliciting e-mail addresses. This concept will help reduce postage costs and paper waste.

Item #10

Steve Cottrell volunteered to work on the certification website. The NWEA has a website and webmaster. The Certification Board website will be part of the NWEA website. Some of the items that will be included on the website: exam applications, renewal applications, newsletter, updates from sub committees, rules and regulations.

Item #11
Items to be discussed by board members:

* Steve Cottrell asked that each person in charge of a sub committee give monthly e-mail up-dates to all Board members.

* Bill Shepherd brought up the exam review process. ABC has to be contacted and will send out a pool of questions from each grade. The exam questions will be distributed to qualified persons to be reviewed. Questions will be chosen from the pool. Qualified operators from Clark Co. Sanitation, Las Vegas, Henderson and TMWRF will review the exam questions.

* The exam that was held at the NWRA conference in April was a success. The conference will be held in March 2002, in Reno at the Nugget. The NWRA exam date is Friday March 29, 2001. Provisions will be made to accommodate those who would like to take the exam at the conference or April 11, 2002. Starlin will talk to Steve Porter about having space on the NWRA registration form for the exam.

* Jennifer McMartin gave a description of the �Child Welfare Act� regarding child support obligations and what it means to our organization. A space will be provided on the certification renewal application as well as the examination application. The space will refer to a child support question and whether one is obligated and up to date on payments. If one makes a false statement on an application, their certification may be revoked.

Item #12
Items for Discussion at Next Board Meeting

Certification Board meetings were discussed by board members. The board decided to have a board meeting the first Wednesday of every quarter. The board will hold two board meetings in the south, October and January. The north will hold meetings in April and July. The next board meeting was unanimously scheduled for Wednesday 9 am, October 3, 2001 at CCSD.

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