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Clayton Coon
PWO Representative

Clayton is happily married with one toddler and a brand new baby. While building his family he is also doing whatever he can to build his career in wastewater. Clayton started with City of Henderson in 2008, during that time he have worked in process control, collections, reuse discharge, solids handling, and expanded his experiences for anything else that may come his way. For two years he was the safety officer for the department.

Currently he is also the head of the tool committee for the department. Clayton has participated in Operators Challenge for the beloved Dumpling team for two years. Recently he taught the wastewater 1 treatment course with CSN, provided colloquiums for both Nevada State College as well as UNLV. Clayton received his bachelor’s degree in Administrative Leadership from OU and he is working on his master’s in interdisciplinary Inquiry of Natural Sciences with a focus on wastewater environmental science.

Clayton started volunteering with NWEA in 2017 and participates in the young professionals for NWEA and attend monthly meetings, Clayton feels incredibly honored to be a part of such a great organization!

Term ends: April 2021

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