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Brian Oswalt

City of Las Vegas

Appointed: January 2016
Term Expiration: December 2021
Representation: Owner of a Publicly Owned Treatment Works (Clark County).

Wastewater is my life! I have had two careers in my life and I have loved them both. For the first 13 years of my adult life I was a United States Marine and worked on the armament systems of the greatest airplane in the world: the AV-8B Harrier. I loved being a Marine and I am still proud to call myself a United States Marine. For the last 22 years I have been in deep doo-doo and I love it also. I have worked for the City of Las Vegas since 1983 at the Water Pollution Control Facility and I absolutely love my job and I think it’s the most important job in the world because we our protecting our environment and our children and grandchildren’s future.

I am currently the Operations and Maintenance Manager at the WPCF and have been for five years. Prior to that I was an Operations and Maintenance Supervisor for 5 years. I have also been a Plant Operator and Acting Senior Operator in my career with the City of Las Vegas. I currently hold a Grade V Wastewater Operator Certification with the NWEA and I have held an Industrial Waste Inspector, Water Quality Analysis and Water Plant Operator certifications in the past. I have been a member of the WEF since 1984 and I have been active in the NWEA since that time. I am currently the Southern Nevada Chair for the Membership Services Committee with NWEA and I am also on the Membership Services Committee with WEF. I recently completed my four year sentence on the executive board with NWEA and during my reign we held a joint conference with the Utah Water Environment Association which was a first for everybody. During my time with the City of Las Vegas and NWEA I have participated in several certification workshops with ABC and even attended an Item Writing Workshop in Portland, Maine back in 1997. I have also been a member of the Operations and Maintenance Committee with WEF for three years.

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