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Joe Carter

Appointed: January 2017
Term Expiration: December 2020

Representation: At-large NWEA  member

Joe is currently employed at Lyon county as the Wastewater Superintendent, he was currently at Carson City Wastewater Reclamation Facility in Carson City, NV. He has received the Plant Maintenance Technologist Grade III certification as well as Wastewater Operator Grade II certification. Although he began as a wastewater mechanic, he is currently employed as a wastewater operator.

Joe has worked for Carson Pump, a water well and pump repair contractor, for twenty years, which he advanced in the position as lead supervisor. Within this title, he ran the safety program, organized crews’ daily and weekly tasks and assisted with bid proposals. Also, he was tasked with rebuilding as well as replacing pumps within a timely manner. He has worked on a variety of pumps at multiple locations such as CCWWRP, Douglas County, Lyon County, and TMWA. Over the past couple years working at the Carson City plant, he completed a weekly PM program that requires him to service pumps and valves, inspect clarifiers and clean grit tanks. He has received training in process control lab techniques, monitoring dewatering systems and implementing general plant maintenance. He has been nominated for youth sports boards for about 5 years in which he became Vice President. As vice president, he has had to edit and propose changes to the current bylaws, cover for the president when absent and run the election for nominees to the board.  He is also a position on the board with the Carson City Employees Association and has helped with grievances, facebook page and annual dinners.

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