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Adrian Edwards

City of Henderson WRF
450 East Galleria Drive
Henderson, NV 89011

Appointed: January 2008
Term Expiration: December 2022

Representation: Board Member who is a Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator certified at the highest level (Clark County).

Certification Board Chairman Duties

  • Certification Board Meetings
    • Schedule a meeting of the Certification Board at a minimum once per quarter.
    • Approve the meeting agenda that is prepared by the Program Administrator (PA).
    • Direct the meeting.  Request items to be voted on.
    • Review and approve the minutes from the meeting.
  • Certification Board Budget
    • Prior to the NWEA Annual Conference the PA will prepare the budget for the next fiscal year.  The Chairman in conjunction with Vice Chairman will review and finalize the budget for the entire Certification Board to vote on.  The Chairman will call for a vote of the budget.  This can either be done in person or via email.
    • Once the Certification Board approves the budget the Chairman or his appointee will present the budget to the NWEA Executive Board for review and integration in the NWEA Annual Budget.
    • Review the budget each quarter to confirm that expenses are staying within the budgeted amount.
  • Application Review
    • Applications are received and reviewed by the PA.  If there is a question regarding the experience the PA will forward the application to the Chairman and Vice Chairman for review and guidance.  Once a determination is made the PA will contact the operator and process/deny the application.
  • Approval/Denial of Invoices/Reimbursements
    • All invoices/reimbursements must be reviewed and approved by the Chairman, Vice Chairman and NWEA President prior to the NWEA Treasurer issuing a check to the payee.
  • NWEA Monthly Meetings
    • The Chairman shall attend the monthly NWEA Executive Board meetings.  If he/she is unable to attend he/she may appoint a representative to attend in his/her place.
  • Approval/Denial of NDEP Monthly Contract Invoice
    • Each month the PA will prepare the NDEP contract invoice.  The Chairman and Vice Chairman will review the contract and backup documentation.  After reviewing the Chairman will email approval to process the invoice to the PA, Vice Chairman and the NWEA President.
  • Signing of Certificates
    • The PA will send certificates for signature at least once a week.  The Chairman will sign the certificates and return to the PA for distribution to the passing examinees.
  • Review Continuing Education Courses
    • The PA will either email continuing education courses to the Chairman and Vice Chairman for review and approval.  The Chairman and Vice Chairman will verify the type of course and which certifications the course is applicable to.
  • Other Duties
    • The PA may ask for assistance from the Chairman with issues that come up throughout the year.
  • Adrian Edwards is the Water and Wastewater Operations Manager for the City of Henderson.  He is first and foremost an operator, holding certificates in water and wastewater treatment, as a water quality analyst, and a plant maintenance technologist.  He has over 20 years in the wastewater industry, and has helped train new operators by being an adjunct professor for the College of Southern Nevada.  He also serves as the Chairman for the NWEA Certification Board, helping to assure that the certification process works as smoothly and fairly as possible.  He has a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration and has presented papers at several trade conferences in topics ranging from ultraviolet disinfection and membrane treatment to asset management. 

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