Organization Structure
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The purpose of this page is to define the organizational structure of the Nevada Water Environment Association (NWEA) and to describe the duties and responsibilities of each position. The exact function of positions may vary from time to time to best meet the needs of the membership and to tailor it to the vision of the person serving in that capacity. However, each position should always be focused on meeting the mission of the NWEA.

This information will provide general direction for new officers and committee members and should serve as a starting point for each to learn how best to contribute to meeting the objectives of NWEA.


The leadership of the NWEA is composed of three groups:

  1. Officers (also know as the Board of Directors or Board of NWEA)
  2. Committees
  3. Board of Certification Members.

As outlined in the NWEA Bylaws, Officers and their terms of office are as follows:

  • President: (1 year)
  • Vice President or President Elect: (1 year)
  • Secretary: (1 year)
  • Treasurer: (about 1 year, can serve successive terms and generally this is a 3 year position)
  • Past President: (1 year)
  • Federation Director: (3 years)
  • PWO (Professional Wastewater Operations) Representative: (about 1 year, can serve successive terms and generally this is a 3 year position)

There is only one committee required by the Bylaws. This is the Nominating Committee. The President is empowered to appoint other committees as may be necessary to advance the best interests of the NWEA and to enable it to fulfill its objectives. Currently, the NWEA has the following Working Committees:

  • Annual Conference
  • Awards
  • Constitution & Bylaws
  • Government Affairs
  • Membership
  • Nominations
  • Professional Development
  • Circuit Rider
  • Community College W & WW Training
  • Training Seminars
  • Publications
  • Public Education
  • Research
  • Reuse Nevada
  • Safety
  • Student Activities
  • Tri-State Conference 

In addition to the above, special committees may be formed to support specific activities such as for conferences, local arrangements for a National Conference, or a specific regulatory issue.

The purpose of the Board of Certification is to carry out the program of certifying treatment plant operators and technicians as required by the State of Nevada NRS 445.201. The Board of Certification Members and their terms of office are as follows:

  • Chairperson: (Elected annually by the Board – 3 year term as a Board of Certification Member)
  • Vice Chairperson: (Elected annually by the Board – 3 year term as a Board of Certification Member)
  • Five (5) Additional Board of Certification Members: (3 year terms as Board of Certification Members)
  • Administrative Assistant: (Appointed by the Board of Certification, no minimum term, may be paid)

Of the seven (7) Board of Certification Members, the composition must include the following:

  • One (1) with 3 years experience as an operator
  • One (1) who is a certified operator at the highest level offered in the State of Nevada
  • Two (2) who represent owners of a POTW
  • One (1) who represents a community having a system of 5 mgd or less
  • One (1) who can be any member of NWEA.

Of the above, three (3) members must be employed within Clark County. Appointments are staggered so that in any given year, at least four (4) members are carried over from the previous year.

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