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Past President : Jennifer Lopez


Jennifer Lopez
Past President 
Water Waste Operator

In 2013, Jennifer started her journey as a Wastewater Operator for Carson City Water Resource Reclamation Facility. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Biology from the University of Nevada, Reno and is a licensed Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator Grade IV in the state of Nevada as well as a Professional Operator from the ABC. She has developed math training to assist with certification preparation and  has been the treatment plant’s lead expert on process control analysis. She also represents the Professional and Technical Committee for Northern Nevada for the Nevada Water Environment Association.

President : Charlie Lee P.E.


Charlie Lee P.E.
Associate Engineer

Charlie is registered as a Professional Engineer in Nevada and has previously worked for a land development firm, general contractor and state regulatory agency.  He currently works at Clark County Water Reclamation District in Development Services.  He was first exposed to NWEA while working at the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection and has developed a great respect for the many dedicated professionals he has met there. He comes from an eclectic background and enjoys a great many things from sports to music to movies to tech. He and his lovely wife have a beautiful son, with a daughter on the way.

President Elect : Krishna Pagilla


Krishna Pagilla
President Elect

Dr. Krishna Pagilla is a Professor and Environmental Engineering Program Director at the University of Nevada, Reno. He is also the Director of Nevada Water Innovation Campus at UNR.

Dr. Pagilla’s expertise is in the field of water quality, water resource recovery, water reuse and environmental biotechnology. He researched and published over 200 works on those subjects in leading publications. Among his numerous awards for professional achievements, he received the Thomas R. Camp Applied Research Award (2013) and Fair Distinguished Engineering Educator Award (2013) from the Water Environment Federation (WEF). He received Harrison Prescott Eddy Medal for Outstanding Applied Research on Wastewater Principles and Processes (2011) from WEF and the Bill Boyle Outstanding Educator Award (2012) from the Central States Water Environment Association.

Dr. Krishna Pagilla is the Chair of the USA National Committee (USANC) of International Water Association (IWA) and serves as a member of the Governing Assembly of IWA. He has served on the Executive Board and was President (2012-13) of Illinois Water Environment Association, a WEF Member Association. Dr. Pagilla is a Fellow of both WEF and IWA. Dr. Pagilla has a PhD degree in Civil/Environmental Engineering from the University of California (Berkeley, CA). Dr. Pagilla is a Registered Professional Engineer (PE) in Illinois and California, and Board Certified Environmental Engineer (BCEE) of the American Academy of Environmental Engineers.

Secretary : Jake Jacobson


Jake Jacobson
Executive Secretary

Jake moved to Nevada in 2008 and became active with the NWEA Executive Board attending meetings and co-established the collection system committee and workshops. Jake also created a local PWO based collections systems supergroup comprised of collection system supervisors and leads from all municipalities in the southern valley. This group would meet once a month and discuss miscellaneous topics from operations practices, exchanging org charts, vital emergency contact information for SSO’s, understanding available mutual resources, and lessons learned.  He helped support training efforts of NWEA, participated in fund raising with Water For People, and supported the goals and strategic planning for the Association.

Jake also is a certified Collection System and Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator through NWEA.  He has contributed to exam writing and was voted to the Board of Directors for the Associated Boards of Certification (ABC). Although an independent organization of NWEA, Jake was one of three to work with ABC at an executive level, who was affiliated with NWEA. NWEA had the biggest executive level presence than any other state in the nation.  

Tri-State Seminar is a flagship training platform that NWEA is a partnership of. Although he started with Tri-State in 2001, since 2008 he has represented NWEA at Tri-State and contributed to enhancing NWEA’s presence and role in the Seminar. He has participated as speaker, Session Chair, Program Chair and through officer positions of Vice Chair, Chair, and currently on the Board of Managers in his final year of Past Chair.

Furthermore, the volunteerism, giving back to the community, and supporting the industry doesn’t just occur during work hours, there is a lot of after hours, weekends and family support that goes with it. Jake is very proud of his family for supporting NWEA, and very proud of NWEA.

Treasurer : Keli Callahan


Keli Callahan

PWO Representative : Clayton Coon


Clayton Coon
PWO Representative

WEF Delegate : Nikita Lingenfelter


Nikita Lingenfelter
WEF Delegate

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