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  • By Sidney Innerebner

  • Association of Boards of Certification

  • By Paul Krauth

  • By Dr. G. Elliott Whitby

  • By TargetSolutions


  • NWEA Training Topics

  • By TargetSolutions

  • By Houston Industrial Training

  • Zarathom is committed to creating online training courses to assist certified operators with fulfilling their continuing education/contact hour requirements for license renewal.

Training Opportunities

Following are additional training opportunities through these participating organizations and educational facilities.

Nevada Water Environment Association
P.O. Box 98235
Las Vegas, NV 89193
Phone: 775-465-2045

Please click on the link for a list of pre-approved training courses:  

          I = Indirect (half credit)
         D = Direct (full credit)
        D/S = Direct "Safety" (full credit)

California State University - Sacramento (Ken Kerri) Correspondence Courses
Office of Water Programs
Ramzi J. Mahmood, Ph.D., P.E., Director
6000 J Street, Sacramento CA 95819-6025
Phone: 916-278-6142
Fax: 916-278-5959

Nevada Rural Water Association Annual Conference
363 Fairview Drive
Carson City, NV 89701
Phone: 775 841-4222
Fax: 775 842-4243

Tri-State Seminar On-the-River

Water and Wastewater Education and Training

Water Environment Federation
WEF offers free training to it members.