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Pipe Survival in a Hostile Environment


Pipe Survival in a Hostile Environment
Tue, 22. May 2018, 11:00 h - 12:00 h


Webinar Overview:
The choice of pipe material is vital to the success of any water project, whether it be a water main, a sewer pipe, or part of a drainage project. Every project type poses a unique challenge for the design engineer, whose job it is to choose the right pipe material for the job. The selected pipe will have to withstand a barrage of attacks from the environment, including chemical attacks, shifts in the surrounding earth, possibly earthquakes or floods, fire or frost. The selected pipe will have to last for many years, expected to perform flawlessly.

Every type of pipe has its advantages and drawbacks, so it’s the design engineer’s job to select the pipe material that will best meet the expected attacks from the forces that will exist in its new environment. It’s also the engineer’s job to ensure that any and all measures are put in place to take best advantage of the positive pipe characteristics and minimize the possible drawbacks of the selected pipe material.
In this webinar, each of the most common threats to the survival of a range of different pipe materials will be discussed, and the relative pros and cons of each will be covered. In addition to the potential dangers mentioned above, other hostile environments discussed will include ongoing operating expenses and maintenance and installation expertise or shortcuts.
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